Now Actors - Jacinta Sciusco
Now Actors - Jacinta Sciusco
Now Actors - Jacinta Sciusco
Now Actors - Jacinta Sciusco
Now Actors - Jacinta Sciusco

Jacinta Sciusco

Confident, versatile, and charismatic, Jacinta Sciusco has always had an innate passion and drive for the arts. Born in Melbourne, Australia as the first generation of her Argentinian family, the ideals of hard work have been instilled in her from an early age. This has taught her to become a persistent and precise actress that can adapt to any role she undertakes.

Jacinta has never let an opportunity to perform pass her by and has been acting, singing, and dancing in her high school productions for 6 years. Upon recently graduating Year 12 in 2018, Jacinta will be following her passion with a Bachelor of Creative Arts at La Trobe, where she is majoring in Theatre.

With multiple productions under her belt, she has had the privilege of entertaining audiences of over 250 people in ensemble and solo performances. Additionally, Jacinta also has experience in live role-playing performances. No stranger to musical theatre, Jacinta has undergone vocal training for her singing, whilst performing in her schools choir as a lead in many performances over the years.

In the 2018 Ballarat eisteddfod, Jacinta was the lead singer and her ensemble placed third in all of Victoria. Subsequently, her experience as a writer of fiction, script-writing, and poetry is a talent she aims on developing after winning a competition where her original poem was chosen to be published in the 2017 high school yearbook. In order to continue developing her skills, Jacinta attends many theatre workshops with industry professionals and attends a plethora of shows and performances.

With an affinity for all things creative, Jacinta has an ultimate goal of performing in professional musicals and theatre productions - as well as within TV and Film. And her fiery passion is the driving force behind this goal.




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