Now Actors - Jay Korf
Now Actors - Jay Korf
Now Actors - Jay Korf
Now Actors - Jay Korf
Now Actors - Jay Korf
Now Actors - Jay Korf

Jay Korf

Driven, versatile, unique and captivating: some of the words that have been used to describe Jay Korf’s acting ability.

Although Jay only launched into screen acting in early 2018, he has been an entertainer (and magician) since birth. Jay views each role as a learning experience, and an opportunity to continually hone his craft. He is building his knowledge of the industry and currently developing his acting with an expert private tutor in the field.

Utilising his knowledge, Jay has continuously gained lead roles since his arrival to screen acting, having networked with professional directors, actors and students who have encouraged him to pursue and perfect the craft of acting.

Jay is a naturally extroverted character with a love for ambitious, adventurous experiences. He has featured in a variety of independent short films such as ‘Jack In The Box’, ‘You Wanna Pizza Me’ and ‘The End Of The Night’.

He has a unique passion for challenging roles that force him to act contradictory to his lovable and comedic personality. Jay is determined to continue evolving his acting skills via study, casting workshops, and building his on-set experience.





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