Now Actors - Danielle Blanch
Now Actors - Danielle Blanch
Now Actors - Danielle Blanch
Now Actors - Danielle Blanch

Danielle Blanch

Hailing from Perth, Western Australia, Danielle Blanch has an acting career spanning over 14 years. Coming from a theatre background, Danielle has transformed into a master of both screen and theatre acting. Interested in constantly learning, growing and changing as an artist, Danielle has studied at some of Australia’s best institutions including the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts and The Film and Television Studio International and has been consistently mentored and trained by some of Australia's finest acting teachers. Her love of acting lies within the careful crafting of characters and their transformation into a fictional world, where she can live a thousand lives in one. Her interest in the human condition and why we do what we do causes these characters to be multifaceted and very much alive. Danielle’s work spans over many creative mediums; having worked in such Musicals as Grease, Chicago, Annie and Guys and Dolls. She has had Television Commercials on air and a recurring guest role on Prime Time Network Television show Neighbours.






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