Now Actors - Skeeta Newman
Now Actors - Skeeta Newman
Now Actors - Skeeta Newman
Now Actors - Skeeta Newman
Now Actors - Skeeta Newman
Now Actors - Skeeta Newman

Skeeta Newman

Skeeta is a classic representation of the “Good Cop / Bad Cop” scenario, in which he can easily sit on one side of the fence and portray a loving and caring individual, then jump to the other side and be as crass, loud and raw as one can imagine.

Described by colleagues and family as determined, passionate, intelligent and funny, Skeeta has had a taste for performing since he was very young and often drew a crowd in the family home with his antics and wit.

A military man and medic for over 25 years, Skeeta is well-learned and has made a late foray in to acting, this was spawned by an appearance in a Defence Force (Navy) commercial, shot in 1997 and screened on TV and in movie theatres around the country.

Now at mid-life, Skeeta has been training with Loren Johnson to pursue his dream and has featured in a support role in the series WE-DESI, which is intended to be released in to India circa 2019. Skeeta has also appeared in Paul Komadina’s 2018 film “Abduction” as a featured extra and most recently has performed the lead role in David Morgan’s slapstick comedy “Your Fly is Undone”. Skeeta has also been selected to feature in an upcoming music video for US Indy Band Ghost in the Machine.

Skeeta is not easily embarrassed and will throw everything he has in to a performance, drawing on much life experience to fulfil the role.




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