Now Actors - Karen Leong

Karen Leong

Hailing from Brisbane and Hong Kong originally, Karen is an actor and model readying herself for any project that lands her way! From a young age, Karen has immersed herself in the art of theater and acting from childhood, starring in theater a wide range of musical productions such as Legally Blonde and Pinocchio Panto.

Currently studying at the University of Sydney as an Arts and Performance Studies major, she is armed with the knowledge of acting on screen and onstage and a tenacious appetite for performance.

Karen’s acting experience is also furthered by her proficiency in perfecting an American, Australian, and British accent, enabling her success in on screen and voice over work. She can also speak Chinese and sings in an Alto register.

Karen is endeavouring to enter into the acting sector of commercial work, and is eager to begin with NOW as their representative. Her current projects include University drama productions and anything else blowing her way!




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